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Detroit Mass Mob

​Our Mission

Show solidarity of our Catholic faith through respect for our old historic churches in the Archdiocese - and maybe across Michigan. 

How to participate

This whole concept requires very little effort. You simply show up for a Mass (as announced) at a beautiful old historic church. These century old churches are awe inspiring.


Be sure to take photos after Mass. 





Our Lady of the Rosary, Image Public Domain

Next Mass Mob


St. Pat's Senior Center
Sunday April 21, 11:30 AM

Event Link

The Detroit Mass Mob LV will be at 11:30 am and then stay for the festival.

The 55th Detroit Mass Mob will come to St. Patrick Senior Center on Sunday, April 21 - immediately preceeding the Midtown institution’s annual Irish Festival. The service will pay tribute to the former St. Patrick parish with Irish music, dance and other traditions.

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