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The Detroit Mass Mob was inspired by the Buffalo Mass Mob movement. On a chosen Sunday, everyone attends Mass at a specific parish.  Prior Detroit Mass Mob's have been very well attended. The events have drawn as many as 2000 people, filling these churches and providing
them support.


Didn't get to attend a past Detroit Mass Mob? Join us this year. The concept requires very little effort. You simply show up for a Mass (as announced) at a beautiful, old church. These historic churches are awe inspiring. Be sure to bring a camera. 

The first 52 Mass Mobs helped raise over $630,000 directly and a few hundred thousand more in increased contributions to the churches.


Stay connected with us on the official Detroit Mass Mob sites:




Detroit Mass Mob Organizers are:

  • Thom Mann - co-founder/organizer

  • Jeff Stawasz - co-founder


Videographer: John Bentley

Photography: John De Lorenzo and Diane Dawson Wilks


Digital media: Anthony Battaglia co-founder

God Bless - and "see ya at church..."

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